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Hi there, my name is Sherol! I am always fascinated with different kind of materials that can be used to make accessories with the endless possibilities to make unique pieces. 

Fashion accessories might be widely available, but it can be hard to find something you can truely call your own. Here to help you make your style dream a reality, handcrafted accessories from Sherol's Creations are ready to start conversations and worthy to become signature pieces! 

Materials used in the making of Sherol's Creations pieces are hand-selected for high quality and paired with an artistic eye and a free hand, yielding ever-changing collections that stay timeless - and just right for giving even the simplest look that extra touch of chic. 

Our collection includes rings, earrings and necklaces - but also unusual accessories for the workday wardrobe like the collar tips. Some are intended for special occasions. Others are meant to enter your everyday collection. All are imaginative, elegant, and designed for multi-sensory appeal.