I am Sherol.

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Hello everyone!

Yes, I am Sherol, the maker behind all these handcrafted accessories.

My journey as a crafter began when I saw a beautiful packet of multi-coloured beads in the neighbourhood craft store and I begged my mum to buy it for me. I did not know what I could do with it, but I was just extremely attracted to the colours. That was probably when I was 8 years old.

It turned out that the packet of beads was actually a DIY kit to make beaded insect keychains. There was an instruction sheet which I could not understand but my cousin who was much older than me, demonstrated how to make them. That was pretty much the ONLY "formal training" I had in craft. This is the first beaded butterfly in the picture below:

Since then, I was a regular customer of that craft store to buy the different beaded DIY kits. By this point, my mum was convinced that I was serious about it. I would sit for hours to figure out how how to thread the beads together with the "instruction reading knowledge" that my cousin has imparted to me.

I have probably bought all the beaded DIY kits in that craft store and of all, I fell in love with that one kit which make rings, bracelets and necklaces.

I started diving deep into it and made all kinds of beaded accessories, experimenting with different colour beads and different techniques. My classmates started to ask me about it and of course, the "entrepreneur in me" started selling them. The profit was always 100% since my mother funding the raw materials then. I totally had no clue of pricing strategy and I was just totally enjoying the experience of making accessories, selling them and seeing my classmates (customers) wearing my creations! That was how I earned my "pocket money" in my school days right up to university! :P

Crafting and making accessories is the only constant in my life. From school days, to working life, to my pregnancy journey and till today where I am a stay-home mummy to two active boys! love experimenting with different kind of mediums for accessories making and my current favourite is polymer clay. I thank God for the gift of a pair of craft hands to craft me through all seasons of my life.

Ok, enough about Sherol.

In all, I think it is important to pursue a passion in our life, even if you are not able to do it full time, don't stop pursuing it! You'll never know when an opportunity will knock on your door - at God's timing.

So what's your passion? Tell me about it too! :)

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